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Welcome to my new site ‘blog home’. Here you will read my views on particular topic!

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The Marriage

Our society has made scads of stereotypes about marriage like wife should do household works and husband should earn money and handle financial issues if house. ‘Househusband‘ How awkward this word is! right? Because we never heard it before but ‘housewife‘ this is very common and usual word because most of the wives are housewife. […]


We can’t even imagine how transgenders are living in the Indian society’s environment. They face discrimination and inequality in every feild. What can I say about transgender discrimination? They face inequality in government setting, health care, applying to school and many more challenges. Transgenders loses job just because of their gender. Their family not accepts […]


I always used to crack adoption jokes with my younger sister, like I say to my sister, “We are totally different from each other. I’m the real daughter of mummy-daddy that’s why they love me most. You are adopted, we found you from the dustbin.” And then she extremely annoys! But I do this just […]

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